Tuesday, 19 May 2009

a lyric a day

hi all, i'm jonny scott blair. welcome to my new blog. i have been writing lyrics, poems and songs for as long as i can remember. i have turned a lot of these into guitar based songs. on this new blog i plan to release a lyric a day from now on. these lyrics could be:
- a short poem
- a song i've recorded
- a song i've wrote
- a short lyric
- an idea
- a story
it is basically a creative blog from my mind.

it is 100% copyright jonny scott blair 1980 - 2009.

the lyrics are all mine as are the songs. i have creativity i want to get out of me. so have a read or a listen.

i cannot play guitar or sing well, it is the idea, the lyric and the creativity that counts for me.

anything and everything inspires me from meeting a new person, reading a book, buying a bar of chocolate or washing my hands. we can get happiness and inspiration from the simplest actions sometimes.

ENJOY and leave me a comment please...

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