Friday, 24 July 2009

charing cross

written - 25/09/2006

about - london trains, in particular my daily journeys to and from the mythical station of "charing cross", is this the red herring for "strand", "embankment" or "trafi's q"

lyrics -

no-one wants to talk to me
i feel so statue-esque
the morning breaks the ice of dawn
nobody looks impressed

it's no surprise
that some of us would rather close our eyes

and you'll be sleeping on your own
if you don't get out at charing cross

no-one wants to look at me
i'm not invisible
each station fades a new crowd in
conversation minimal

its obvious
that most of us would rather not get up

but somehow everyone's the same
when you get out at charing cross

you won't make up the time you've lost
this train will stop at charing cross

you don't get back the love you lost
when your train stops at charing cross

you don't know who'll be hugging you
till you get off at charing cross

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