Wednesday, 8 July 2009

give the girl a bone

you could be forgiven for thinking this is a song about pornography. it kind of is, its that era of my life when i was out in pubs, clubs and bars chatting up the girls. the song was written in july 2004. its actually not really me this song, more of a stereotype from english people i have met and known over the years.

written - bournemouth bars, 1st july 2004

collection - room card only (track 2)

lyrics -

these days you find it easier to smile
because you'd found yourself
you'd been away a while

another bar another beer
the lady in the corner
doesn't want to drink alone
give the girl a bone

these days you know life moving slow
because you've lost yourself
you don't know where to go

another dream another lie
the apple of your eye
isn't worthy of the throne
don't give the girl a bone

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