Monday, 6 July 2009

sandwich child

back in 2004 i was working in the heathlands hotel in bournemouth's east cliff. i worked with a half persian half german lady called hamta. she was very distinctive. one night she described herself as a "sandwich child" cos she was the middle of her siblings. i loved the term and wrote the song within days, also honing in on the conversations we had including one where she was fed up with "this english life". after a few shifts i never saw her again...

written - 3/10/2004

about - hamta, the sandwich child

inspiration - hamta from heathlands hotel

lyrics -

in montreal you lost it all
strange numbers on your phone
your persian rug has had enough
the police follow you home

the world doesn't love you
you're just a sandwich child
you wouldn't drink champagne out of a tea cup

in london town the sun goes down
drink put me in prison
your northern heart a world apart
don't buy the drugs they sell

the world doesn't need you
you're just a sandwich child
you wouldn't have a chandelair in your council flat

in germany paid harmony
you're homeward bound at last
the english life of sleepless nights
the chemists help you last

the world doesn't want you
you're just a sandwich child
you wouldn't drive a limosine through north belfast

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