Thursday, 2 July 2009

coming off the bug

the bug in this instance is alcohol, and my desire to come off it, and stop. its ironic now that i don't really drink. i haven't had an alcoholic drink in the UK since late February 2009. but before in my life, it was a different story. especially the day i wrote this. i had just turned 20. i didn't really have any problems or issues in life back then. it was simple. i worked to go out with my friends. i worked in tesco at springhill. on my 20th birthday i worked until 3 pm and then headed out drinking in bangor. i drank too much into the night. last thing i knew was a taxi home and pouring a pint over my mate Mike in the Windsor pub. times were bad. the next morning was the worst experience ever. i didn't have to be in work, but i woke up, now aged 20. i had left my life as a teenager behind forever. life wasn't actually that great. alcohol was a big part of my life. that morning being 20 for the first time, i went shopping with Mum, and 3 times had to leave the supermarket for the toilets to throw up, barf up, be sick. i realised right then i should give up alcohol, but i didn't, though i stopped for 2 weeks. now i'm not drinking at the moment and feel so much better. it cannot be that hard to "give up the bug."

written - march 2000

about - giving up alcohol, late nights, hangovers

lyrics -

like falling in love
coming off the bug was easy
all it took was a mind that wasn't ready

while losing the plot
i almost forgot my options
either come back, or admit that i'm not welcome

high in the world to low in the world
high in the world then low in the world
in less than 24 hours

i've had enough
coming off the bug believe me
flashbacks cold sweats unwanted memories

with victory in mind i'm leaving behind commitment
at least i'm still aware that i'm not with it

high in the world to low in the world
high in the world then low in the world
in less than 24 hours

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