Monday, 15 June 2009

far from losing you

this song i found again recently, i wrote it about my Mum and the time i spent away from her. we always worry of losing someone close to us and this was a fear. that was 5 years agao and for the first time i've re-assessed the lyrics and i can't quite fathom them. it was written in bournemouth in 2004, for a compilation called "room card only."

written - 4th july 2004

compilation - room card only (track 3)

about - mum, muriel blair scottne

lyrics -

a cold breeze of god's air
has left me unaware
the more i spend away
i never count the days
on every street i walk
i'm sinking in the lough
though my dreams may be impressive
i admit they're all so selfish

but now i realise
i didn't have a clue
and i'm praying i'm far from losing you

i should have seen it coming
why was i clock watching?
whenever my phone rings
it could be anything?
each knock on my door
i hope's a salesman
it was you who brought me up
only your tea fills my cup

i should have known
its not all good news
that's why i hope i'm far from losing you

i'm far from losing you
so don't go away

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