Wednesday, 24 June 2009

WTC site

whilst touring new york in 2007, i visited the gruesome spot of 9.11, the twin towers, ground zero, the world trade centre, WTC site. it was a very sombre sad moving experience indeed. i put pen to paper almost immediately. you dont need me to tell you what the song is about.

written - 12.07.2007

about - 11.09.2001

lyrics -

what slow kamikaze in a fire to burn us out?
you see the empire state so silent
all your staten island lost was a crowd so open armed
you saw the empire state building

so your central park so green you cant recycle
if only 5th avenue was 5th
and this rockafeller has rocked so out of time
your subways are numbers, so you can count

all the bodies in this world you've never found
out why there's no need to even try
park place sunday wtc site

this smell reminds us in everyday we lose
you crossed the brooklyn bridge
and this museum you think its rotterdam anywhere
all you can drink tonight

your circle line is a boat and no way from a to b
your city always asleep
we photograph French statues you claim to be your own
so green i'm northern irish jade with envy

all the trains to grand central are never full
up to my eyes in baseball or
world trade centre wtc site
and i walk away wtc site

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