Wednesday, 3 June 2009

(over) crowded london

i had been to london manys a time in life, and although i enjoy the general life and hussle and bustle of it, i often hate its lack of culture, identity and totally over crowdedness. in 2006 i finally moved to london, where i lived in shepherd's bush for a while, and worked in hammersmith for a pr agency, bite communications. this was when i saw the busy-ness of it, day in and day out and wrote the song/lyric "(over) crowded london". in this lyric, i hoped to capture the various spots of london where i visited and spent my days as well as people's business and the fact that on the tube/london underground, nobody talks to each other. the city has no real appeal in many aspects, and is in fact totally over crowded, for the only reason being there are lots of jobs there so people want to live there. see this as a guided tour of the uk's capital city...

written - 2006

collection - charing cross (track 1)

subject - as title suggests

lyrics -

people far and wide decide how much i pay for butter
walking through the underground these people know its winter
the man at the barrier could be a rock n roll star
people are too busy to pay each other compliments

we're not at the olympics bjt everybody's running
my aeroplane's in clouds above over crowded london

countries unapparent just a maze of pretty people
shopping at oxford street just to be fashionable
snow at monument station so white i'm invisible
i clutch a coffee which i bought at lesiz q

the man reading the tube map can't pretend he's cultured
the union flag will always fly over crowded london

democracy has brought this town a city drug
collected thoughts at charing cross too personal to say
this tower was built before all england changed
trafys q a fitting sign that everything remains

this lady wouldn't know a pub if tj bernard hit her
another glimpse of innocence over crowded london

posing for a photo i'm a false celebrity
the sky so dark at regent's park the blackness is obscene
a bus can take you anywhere i pay a man for busking
at covent garden i couldn't find the garden

i stand out from the crowd because i stand out from the crowd
but no-one stops to notice me
over crowded london

where's the hall at whitehall? no queen at queensway
i should have bought an all day travelcard
the man wears blue for millwall the surrey quay's unlocked
somehow those who work here wouldn't want to live here

i had some egg and bacon at piccadilly station
this town should really call itself over crowded london

i notice the central line doesn't go to centre
at custom house they never checked my passport
half the underground is actually overground
at oxford circus i couldn't find the circus

i stand out from the crowd because i stand out from the crowd
but no-one stops to notice me
over crowded london

** please note that the northern line ironically goes the most south. that city confuses the hell out of me.

ACOUSTIC VERSION, Bangor, Northern Ireland, September 2007:

ACOUSTIC PART VERSION, Wood Lane, London, England, August 2006:

ACOUSTIC EARLY VERSION, Bournemouth, England, March 2006:

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