Wednesday, 17 June 2009

gunned down

written - 2004

about - fascism

lyrics -

even in my calmest state i'm more fascist than you
it matters where you come from
it doesn't matter what you do

i've seen it all - my water tap stopped running
dividing walls - we never know what's coming

gunned down without a fight
the men to put it right gunned down
politics is just a loaded rifle
these days a vote is basically a bullet

every ring of my telephone i'm a wanted man
you never lock your door at night
you never feel at home

my street's on fire - every councillor has asked for peace
smoke fills the air - innocent I never claimed to be

gunned down in broad daylight
the images of fright gunned down
parties are armed units
these days a speech prepares a murder

mussolini hyphonated
that horthy so cleverly created
this ultra ruling
your apricot thatcher wished she knew more fruit

guns guns guns it prepares a murder

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