Saturday, 13 June 2009

game over

written - 8/7/2004

in - bournemouth, dorset

collection - room card only (track 1)

subject matter - can be about love, defeat, the end of something, a football match or a cheesecake, favourite line is "when grown men are forced to cry, you know that its game over..."

lyrics -

the dream has gone
the spirits died
gaze lonely at the sky
don't spare a thought
for those who ought
to give a reason why

you didn't think it would end so soon
you weren't really watching
when you see the stars fading away
you know that its game over

this lifes too short
the lists too long
you never get things done
walking home through the rain
you know you'll find the sun

you should've stopped to say goodbye
the moments passed away
when grown men are forced to cry
you know that its game over

you didn't bid your fond farewells
emotioned to your brim
amidst the drama of defeat
you almost missed game over

its like you lost a lifelong friend
each era's curtain falls
you didn't need to read the news
to find out its game over

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